Friday, December 7, 2012

Day 5

Day 5-
Well, day 5 is done!  WOO!  Almost halfway there...
I'm relatively ok.  Very uncomfortable and still Frankenstein like, but surviving.  I've felt the first emotional outbreaks...almost started crying while I was making copies at work today.  Apparently, making copies is quite moving. Ha!  I have to pee constantly and I'm not really sure if I feel hungry or full 90% of the time.  And my friggin' back is killing me.  Ah well, still no big deal.  I can totally do this!  I forgot to mention that when I go for my ultrasound Sunday I have to bring my Ganirelix with I assume that I'll be starting that medication as well.  I can totally do this.......

Aaaaanyway, that said, I am SUPER blessed!  My husband is wonderful, and supportive and helpful!  He ran around all over Litchfield and Torrington tonight taking the kids where they needed to go.  My Mom is babysitting overnight so that I can go to my stupid training tomorrow, and my Mother in law is coming to sit at my house in the morning so that someone is here to sign for my shipment of Gonal F!  I have an absolutely amazing support system!  Don't know what I'd do without them!  Oh boy,  and I'm teary again!
Sheesh!  :-)

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  1. Oh you poor hormonal woman! You can do this :0) Love you guys!